Aged Care Education in Sydney


Our student Anna K. has come to Australia to study Aged Care in Abbey College

We asked Ania few questions about her experiences

How come you have decided to come to Australia?

I must say the very reason that made me considering coming to Australia was my not that glorious financial situation that is quite common problem among young people in Poland. I must admit that the second important reason was a desire to learn English and acquiring qualifications that will help me to establish a better future. Not to mention the curiosity to explore this amazing country that Australia is.

How has Australia Study Care helped you in organizing your trip to Sydney?

Australia Study Care has helped me critically in setting up all the required documents and paper work in order to process my application and visa smoothly. The communication process with the agency was very coordinated, I got easily all my questions covered and there was not a single question left without an answer. We have set everything up just by email or Skype, consultants were also available to contact via phone, in their office in Sydney.

The agency was very helpful in organizing my first steps in Australia, giving me guidance and clear information about life in Australia. They have also helped me to find a job.

You are currently enrolled in Abbey College where you are pursuing Certificate in Aged Care. Why did you choose to study Aged Care?

I have chosen that course as I am particularly interested in the job of a carer and social worker, I find this course very useful and interesting.

How do you like Abbey College?

I am really happy I have chosen that college. The teachers are very well prepared, sharing theirs practical experience as nurses/ carers , they guide us and give us heaps of hints. I like the most the practical lessons that help us to utilize the theory into practical field of work.

How does the lessons look like?

I am currently enrolled in Cert III in Aged Care. Classes run 3 days a week from 9am- 2pm. There is theoretical part & practical part. We have to hand in assessments, and there are exams but all the required material is being covered during the class so there is nothing to worry about. On top of that we do an internship for a period of 8 weeks in a nursing home. Classes are run in a very professional manner, insightful and interesting. There is an ongoing support for every student who might have some English difficulties.

How do you see your future?

I definitely do not regret my decision about choosing the study path in Aged Care.I am hoping to continue my career path in Aged Care.

Thank you for interview