Monika and her Australian adventure

Monika and her Australian adventure

Meet Monika from Europe, one of our student. She would like to share with you her insights about Australia

“I have been in Australia for 2 years and I must admit that my dream came true. I could not be happier to live here. I can only think of one word describing Australia: Paradise!.
My adventure in Australia should have finished 5 months ago but it is still continuing – not without a reason though.

Australia as a multinational country gave me a good chance to interact with people of different nationalities, whose culture & fabulous aura creates the spirit of Australia. You simply love it more and more and it keeps you away from leaving its borders.
I will always remember the first exciting moments such as seeing huggable kaoalas & hopping kangaroos. It was surprisingly exciting to see the herd of kangoroos, in the proximity of the beach where I was living at the beginning, now I have come to know it is just the standard view of my day to day living.

After studying English for 1 year I have decided to start new education path by pursuing a Diploma of Project Management at Australian Institute of Professional Education in North Sydney. New opportunities, new interesting subjects give me a positive outlook for the future. Friendly and competent teachers and school staff make me feel comfortable, especially that I am not a native speaker.

I have no doubt, I could strongly recommend Australian destination to everyone. The atmosphere and beauty of this country is impossible to explain & worth to see. On top of that, you make new friends, who become your close family so you do not feel alone.

Even if I live far away from home, my plans are closely related to Australia. I am planning to explore whole Australia and its surrounding islands.”