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Australia Studycare was established in May 1998 as an education agency representing Korean and Japanese students.

The  agency  has  since  then  expanded to various nationalities, extending its services to  Europe,  Asia,  India,  Arab Emirates,  South and North America.

 Australia Studycare’ friendly, dynamic, and experienced team is committed to providing exceptional support to all international students on ensuring their future career success at an international level.


Our role lies in offering international students the best tools and the best education opportunities to enhance their future perspectives. At the same time, we aim at ensuring a good relationship between students and schools, with benefits for all parts. 

Students are our core interest: we work at our best to give them high-quality advice, providing them with the most updated and complete information, as well as an ongoing and caring support. We strongly believe that a successful education agency is built on knowledge, experience and exceptional service, and that it is driven by professionalism, persistence and vision for future success.    

   And we work hard to stick to this belief!