There are different accommodation solutions to choose from. We suggest you to do a research, and choose what is the most suitable to your needs!



Apart from be extremely sociable and budget-oriented, this is the best option for short-term stays; for example, you may want to stay in a backpacker during the first 2/3 weeks in Australia, so you have the time to find a job and, consequently, a more stable accommodation which is closer to your new workplace.
There are thousands of backpackers in Australia, offering the most various prices and facilities. Usually, you will pay from $140 to $280, depending on the number of people in your dorm. Dorms can be mixed or single-sex, but double or private room are also available. Guests usually share the bathroom, the kitchens and other common areas. Breakfast and Internet are sometimes included!

Rent a flat/room to share:

You can find flats or room to share with other flatmates/roommates everywhere in the major cities. The best way is to look for them on the Internet (Gumtree is the most popular flat search engine), or even on the street. You can decide to have your own single room with en-suite bathroom, a single room with shared bathroom and kitchen, or to share your bedroom with others.

Prices vary a lot, depending on many factors: the number of people to share the flat with, the location of your flat, the facilities that are in the flat and/or in the building… You may find places to rent from $100 to $350 per week roughly. If you want your own studio or flat, prices will increase.
Rents are usually paid in advance every two weeks, and owners often require a bond and a minimum stay. Most rates include bills and the Internet connection, and many buildings also include security, swimming pool, gym and barbecue area.
We collaborate with Come2au, an accommodation agency that owns many houses and flats in the Sydney area. They have double room only, and prices vary. A 2-week bond and a 3-month minimum stay are required. *Contact us to get more information about that!


The best solution for those who really want to immerse in the most authentic Australian culture. By living with a family, you will get to know genuine lifestyles and habits, and your English will improve in a very short amount of time! Average prices start from $250 per week.

If you are a Working Holiday maker and you want to take the most of your stay, why don’t you have a look at our *English + Au Pair program? You will not to pay anything and, actually, you will get paid! In exchange of taking acre of the kids and of some light housework, you will get an allowance, plus free accommodation and meals!